"The taste of love"

Chennai coffee shop serves the timeless and classic experience of filter coffee, beverages and more. Our secret recipe of filter coffee has created magic for over 4 years.

We bring you the best blend of south Indian coffee and a lip-smacking hot beverage to accompany.
With over 3000 cups filled with love each day, we give you just what you deserve - A perfect cup of sourced, roasted filter coffee.

Just as the aroma of the coffee will make you feel more lively and energetic, the taste will do wonders.
Clearly, coffee equates happiness. The happiness that you get from the first sip of coffee is exquisite. We make the best of your precious 'coffee break'.


Serving coffee with nostalgia

Let us take you back to the time when mom's secret coffee recipe would brighten up our whole day. 

Inspired by mom's recipe and blending the modern day coffee needs we satiate your love for coffee. We bridge the gap between the rich history and modern rush - For the love of coffee & people.

Some tastes are unforgettable, good filter coffee is one among them.
Long conversations over a cup of steaming hot coffee are at the top of everyone's to-do list. Coffee and nostalgia go hand in hand. When you look back all you have is the feeling which is 'so good & so hard to forget'.



Sourcing, roasting and serving filter coffee with love all over Hyderabad with the promise of purity, aroma, and authenticity.

With a vision to install filter coffee kiosks all over the city, we plan to open over 35 outlets in the next two years.

The taste of our filter coffee is so pure that you will come again to relive it. Rightly said, Coffee is not just a drink but a whole roller-coaster of emotions and memories and we are here to create that experience. Our motto is to serve you that best cup of coffee that you always longed for.